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Our exquisite plates come from working in the Mexican food industry for over the last 52 years. From humble beginnings of working in food industry in the city of Mexico, one of the busiest cities in world, to thousands of Taquiza events we catered to on weekends in the bay area. Our passion has been the kitchen and developing countless recipes that have now been perfected and are being served in our food truck, “Tacos Super Monilla”.


In the fall of 1968, Ramon Monilla took the first step in a lifelong journey when he began to work in a Taqueria in Mexico city, Mexico.

For 30 years, Ramon would continue to work in the same establishment while simultaneously working on his own recipes and dishes. His love for food and cooking kept him busy each day as he preferred to spend most of his days crafting his own recipes and flavors. Workers within the restaurant, as well as its most loyal customers, acknowledged Ramon for his hard work along with his delicious food.


Eventually Ramon would decide to take the next big step of owning his own restaurant that would carry all of the unique dishes that he had been creating for the majority of his life. 


His first attempt in achieving his plans unfortunately left his dream unfulfilled shortly after opening, which became the pivotal move for Ramon  to make the decision of realizing his dreams in the United States. 


Leaving behind his home, his wife, and his family, Ramon immigrated to the United States to start over in unfamiliar territory, without his people, and his dreams of having his own restaurant still unaccomplished. After many years of working tirelessly in another food truck while continuously planning and organizing what was needed to realize his goal, Ramon and his wife Sylvia, who would later join him in the States, would eventually see the hard work and years of sacrifice come to fruition in their first “Taquiza,” on December 7th of 2019; a food truck“Taco Super Monilla”A fitting name because Ramon had always been a superhero to his family and his nickname "Monilla" combined made "Supermonilla".


Ramon’s dedication to cooking and seeing his dream realized has been well paid off within a short timeframe as critics and customers alike have raved endlessly online and throughout social media of the food that the street style taco provides from the Monilla family. Today, Ramon, Sylvia, and their 5 children all contribute to the dream that has been well in the making for the past 30 plus years, which all began in the fall of 1968 in a small kitchen located in Mexico City. 


A special thank you is dedicated to the loyal customers of Berkley, CA, who stand by Ramon and the Monilla family. 

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